Thursday, 14 April 2011

Hot with Style!

I'm glad my i have so many views already... WOW! Appreciate the love:D
Today am going to mention the list of the hot young men with a sense of style... Then I'll work on the list of The Lames too...


He is in my list because the guy is hot and you'll never meet him under dressed. He knows what to wear and where to wear it. LOOK OUT FOR HIM on chaguo la teenies on Saturday and see what i mean! He knows I'm his no.1 fan and you'll read much about him here!


This dude makes girls go gaga... from his looks,body to style! Was crowned Mr.USIU '09/'10.


This man is every girls fantasy, he is tall handsome and always looking fresh...


Check out that body... and he dresses well too!


Mr USIU '10/'11 has style...he is tall and handsome but what makes him even hotter is his personality.down to earth kinda nigga.


I wasn't able to get any of his fine pictures but the boy looks fresh and could not be left out on my list! watch out for him

Monday, 11 April 2011

USIU's LOw budget B****es


Why she is a Low Low...

Don't let her cute face fool Ya! Its such a shame how this lady has a loving guy, who goes the extra mile for her, but she still goes around opening up her legs to different men... Go flash those lousy manners in the toilet!
If you don't want a relationships leave the field to those who are capable of handling one.

Beauty is from both inside and out... STYLE UP!

USIU's LOw budget B****es


Why she's low budget...

She ringa'z but she does not brush in the morning... Have a coversation with this lady at anytime of the day,and her breath is always bad...

Miss Maringo, what is it that you lack? toothpaste or toothbrush?

USIU's LOw budget B****es


Why low budget??

first of the miss is a local wanna be... known for trying too hard when it comes to clothes and Men.
She is famous for opening her legs to whoever is available. They know her shopping mall is Ngara and Toy maket but you will never hear her admitting it... WE CAN SEE THE WHITE IN YOUR GREEN TOP GIRL,it's faded!! So before you go walking around like you are high maintenance... change that blouse!


Sunday, 10 April 2011

USIU's LOw budget B****es

USIU's last week of school, so before I become unfair let me spill the dirt and goodies I have on USIU babes and dudes

The LOW lows;

WHY SHE'S A LOW low...
This ma'am DOES NOT know how a lady speaks... her language is trash,every other language is foreign to her. Get close to this lady and you will end up being the saddest being ever!The lies she will feed you with are insane and stories to drive you crazy will just flow like she's paid for it.

 And if you ever come in her way you are in for the kill!! The girl is psycho,the insults will pierce your heart if it's weak...  They say "words don't break" but Leila's words have won the prize,and her threats are out of this world! They can tear you into pieces.

She has recently been exposing her lack of decency and manners in one of the USIU pages,insulting people left and right. 

Miss leila, didn't mama teach you how to be a lady in public??



 Never judge a book by its cover... 

The girl who plays as TANYA, a "miss-goody-goody-two-shoes", on a local series(TAHIDI HIGH), is known for liking her silver folks LOADED!... And i mean REALLY LOADED!  
A couple male actors who've tried hitting on miss this babe have been heard complaining that,it's not easy to please her when it comes to materials... "she will go on and on,on what she doesn't have and what she wants to be bought for:(" Complained one of the few guys who reached as far as taking her out on a date,with his face expressing dissappointment.

  on 'daddy' for pocket money, erase the thought of ever hitting it with this lady. 
Daddy spends it all on miss SARAH!... But he'll never give you enough to please her!!

The story from few of my sources is that, she left "redsans Ghetto" with both, Redsans niece and nephews heart BrOKeN.A day didn't have to pass before she was busted in the am(morning) on her WALK OF SHAME with a man who is said to be her "Daddy"....and that is  not the only time they have been spotted together at different luxurious hotels... 

  Tanya is all about how good your wallet looks(Who Isn't)...Even if it comes with a fat ugly belly to boot. 

Saturday, 9 April 2011


This hot piece is known for his looks,style and cocky behavior. I mean who doesn't want a piece of MUGOYA in their bedroom?!? well,everybody does.... but one thing y'all been scared of is his tendency to have an eye for women with CHEDDA,riight? We have heard rumours that the lad recently dated daughter of the owner of Keroche Breweries, not for her looks or her big cushy ass, but for the dollars she throws at him... true??

Is he into the gold or the hotties?!!